[PF License] Thomas Roberts

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Thomas Roberts
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[PF License] Thomas Roberts

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Section 1: Personal Details
  • 1.1 Name: Thomas Roberts
  • 1.2 Date of Birth: 25/JUN/1996
  • 1.3 Place of Birth: England
  • 1.4 Phone Number: 3575337
  • 1.5 Place of Residence: N/A
  • 1.6 Self-Portrait:
    ► Show Spoiler
    Please attach a front-facing portrait photograph of yourself
    (Show your full face clearly, without a hat or headgear that obscures
    the hair/hairline, taken within the last 30 days)
Section 2: Proof of Residence/License
  • 2.1 Proof of Residence:
    ► Show Spoiler
  • 2.2 Proof of Driving License:
    ► Show Spoiler

Section 3: Questionnaire
  • 3.1 Have you ever had a firearms license of any kind suspended or revoked? If the answer is yes, please explain in detail.
  • no
  • 3.2 Why are you applying for a firearms license? (50 words)
  • Im a supervisor for LSES so I need it for protection. I feel like there is a lot of trouble that happens at Pillbox MD and sometimes it will warrant the use of a firearm. There have been instances where I have had a gun held against other people and been shot at pillbox but I haven't been able to help in anyway.
  • 3.3 Do you affirm that you have read and understood the content in the Firearms Usage Manual?
  • Yes
  • 3.4 Do you affirm that you meet all of the requirements and prerequisites as outlined in Section I: B of the Information on the Personal Firearms License?
  • Yes
  • 3.5 If you pass the application process, where will the firearm be stowed?:
  • [X] Home
Section 4: Acknowledgment Form
  • By signing below, the applicant affirms the following:
    • They are responsible for the safe use and storage of their weapon, of which the San Andreas Police Department has a lawful duty to ensure and enforce, and do have a civil responsibility to report any unlawful use and/or storage of their weapon or other weapons to the police.
    • They are responsible for any injury, damage, or death done to a person or property which, by the laws of San Andreas, may or may not result in legal consequences against them.
    • The information that has been provided in this application is true, correct, and accurate to the best of their knowledge and beliefs and that they have read and do understand and agree to the terms, regulations, and conditions relevant to the license they are applying for. Any violation of terms, regulations, and/or conditions can and will result in the suspension or revocation of their license(s) and/or legal action taken against them.
    • Terms, regulations, and/or conditions may change unexpectedly and without notification, and it is their duty to remain updated on any changes that occur.
    • They understand that the mandatory exam submission fee of $25,000 for the PF license is non-refundable regardless of whether they pass or fail the exam.
    • The San Andreas Police Department is not responsible for the misuse of a firearm or the breach of terms, regulations, and/or conditions relating to firearms usage.
Name (Printed) : Thomas Roberts
Date: 15/JAN/2023
Signature: Thomas Roberts
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Re: [PF License] Thomas Roberts

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Dear Applicant,

Thank you for submitting a firearms application to the San Andreas Police Department. Your application has been placed ON-HOLD pending adjustments by you. Please find the reason below and correct them as soon as possible. Please inform us below once you have made all the necessary changes, You have 24 hours to correct all errors.
  • 2.2) - Please provide a working link, containing an image of your driver's license.
  • 3.2) - Please meet the minimum word count of 50 words.
If you require any clarification regarding your application, please contact a member of the Firearms Licensing Division.

Traffic Lieutenant Valentina Wilson
Firearms Licensing Division
San Andreas Police Department
⊱ Traffic Lieutenant Valentina Wilson
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Internal Affairs Group - Investigator
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